It was an "early arrival" for the NBA superstar and the cookbook author.
The Hall of Famer passed away after “a prolonged battle with cancer,” the league said in a statement.
Luka Dončić of the Dallas Mavericks had a winning zinger for the sudden, unexplained moaning sounds.
The NBA legend was previously married to "Basketball Wives" executive producer Shaunie Henderson.
The “Daily Show” host appeared to be processing quite the turn of events.
The NBA legend has previously expressed a desire to one day play in the league with his elder son.
The basketball star discussed the incident during a post-game press conference amid the first round of the NBA playoff series.
The team brilliantly resurrected a famous fictional character to lure the superstar, but he went elsewhere.
Porter, the league said, gave a bettor information about his own health status prior to Toronto's game on March 20.
The 19-year-old said he plans to maintain his college eligibility and also enter the NCAA transfer portal, a database for student-athletes hoping to change schools.