The Phoenix Suns are waiting to play either the Jazz or Clippers in the Western Conference finals.
The "Inside the NBA" analyst had a running gag about women in San Antonio, but blamed "jackasses trying to get you canceled" for ending it.
The TNT crew set up a hoop for the NBA great to sink a few to erase those bad memories — but it wasn't exactly to scale.
The Los Angeles Lakers star won two NBA titles with the Heat.
The Atlanta Hawks star got his own Broadway-style revenge after being spit on earlier in the series.
The Los Angeles Lakers superstar headed to the locker room several minutes before the end of the NBA playoff game with the Phoenix Suns.
The Brooklyn Nets star said he'd had enough of spectators "treating people like they're in a human zoo."
The Jazz said they were "heartbroken" by the news of Eaton's death. The 7-foot-4 shot-blocking whiz was a two-time NBA defensive player of the year and All-Star.
Two other fan-related incidents occurred in different cities on the same night during the NBA playoffs.
The announcer was working the Celtics-Knicks game when he decided to think outside the bun.