The team's longtime play-by-play man was "stable and responsive" when he was taken to the hospital, according to a statement.
The Brooklyn Nets star had a partnership with the company since 2014.
The two-time MVP fired off unreal 3-point shots in a clip shared by Sports Illustrated.
The royals repeated one stop from their 2014 tour of the U.S. just hours after arriving in Boston.
“I’ll never get to see Kobe again, in real life, forever," O'Neal said. "And I just should have called. He should have called. We both should have called."
The two-time NBA MVP exchanged words with an arena worker before sending a ladder to the floor after the Bucks' loss to Philadelphia on Friday.
Isaac Humphries, a former Atlanta Hawks center who's now with Melbourne United, said he was done hiding.
Reports had previously emerged that Udoka, the suspended head coach of the Boston Celtics, was expected to fill the role.
“We are deeply saddened and disappointed by the situation and its impact on everyone,” Nike said.