Blindfolded Tightrope Walker On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Will Make Your Heart Stop

Terrifyingly talented!

If you thought the acts on “America’s Got Talent” couldn’t get any more amazing or terrifying — just wait for Tuesday night.

In an exclusive clip provided to The Huffington Post, viewers get a sneak peak of returning contestants Duo Guerrero on the show. Their act, which includes blindfolded tightrope walking and precarious balancing acts on a chair, leaves the judges (and the audience) almost unable to watch. 

Ne-Yo guest judges on Tuesday’s episode of “AGT,” which marks the start of the Judge Cuts. These cuts will determine which acts move on to the live shows.  

To see even more craziness from Duo Guerrero, check out more of their tightrope tricks below: 

And be sure to tune into “America’s Got Talent” tonight at 8 p.m. ET. 



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