'This Is A Dire Situation': Bob Woodward Warns Of 'Unsteady' Trump Facing Crisis

"I think we have a governing crisis," the Watergate reporter said.

Journalist Bob Woodward said the nation is in a “governing crisis” and it’s because of President Donald Trump.

“I think we’re also in a situation where there are all these balls in the air, and they are being juggled by perhaps the most unsteady hands we’ve had in the American presidency ever,” said Woodward, whose Watergate reporting for The Washington Post helped bring down President Richard Nixon. “I think we have a governing crisis.”

Woodward named Iran, North Korea, a trade war with China and immigration as just some of the looming issues in which Trump’s impulsive decisions as president have led to problems.

“This is a dire situation,” the author of “Fear” said on CNN.

The government “is just not functioning,” Woodward said, but he stopped short of calling it a constitutional crisis. Instead, he described the White House and Congress as being locked in a constitutional confrontation.

See his full conversation with Anderson Cooper here:

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