UW-Stout Student Killed In Bike Accident, 2 Arrested

University of Wisconsin-Stout student Bradley L. Simon, 22, died last week after being assaulted on his bicycle by two students, the Chippewa Herald reports.

UW-Stout students Jedidiah McGlasson, 21, and Jared Britton, 23, have been arrested in relation to Simon's death. According to the Herald, McGlasson was arrested for felony murder and Britton for being party to felony murder.

Police trace the incident back to an incident which took place at the Log Jam Tavern earlier that night during which several bar patrons engaged in a verbal argument. Simon left the bar on bicycle and was confronted by McGlasson and Britton, resulting in him crashing into a concrete wall and hitting his head. Simon died at 2:47 p.m. on Thursday.

McGlasson and Britton are scheduled for a bond hearing on Friday, and the criminal complaint will be filed on Monday, according to the Badger Herald. The case remains open.

The Chippewa Herald reports that University Chancellor Charles Sorensen felt "severely disappointed" in the alleged criminals, and that he will continue efforts to prevent high-risk alcohol consumption.