Brazilian Bus Falls Through Huge Sinkhole, Gets Swept Away By Raging River

Next stop: downstream.

Heavy rains and flooding in northern Brazil have taken their toll on infrastructure in the state of Para, as terrifyingly illustrated by Reuters video above of a bus falling through a sinkhole in a bridge on Monday. After dropping into the hole, the bus was carried away by the turbulent river below.

According to the Washington Post, a tour group aboard the bus evacuated the doomed vehicle prior to its untimely plunge, and no one was hurt in the incident.

Video of the accident shows passengers calmly disembarking after the rear wheel of the bus fell through the dirt bridge, trapping the vehicle in place. Eventually, the land erodes away, and the tour bus teeters into the water, then rapidly floats downstream.

The bus was on a highway near the cities of Itaituba and Ruropolis in the Brazilian state of Pará, adds the International Business Times, which corroborates a report from Globo stating the incident occurred on the Trans-Amazonian Highway.

March is historically one of Brazil's wettest months, though southeastern parts of the country have recently seen prolonged and heavy drought.



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