Breakover: Alice Manning's Story Kicks Off HuffPost Video Series

When we introduced Breakover earlier this month -- The Huffington Post video series documenting female readers' extraordinary life transformations -- we knew we'd get some great stories. But we were completely unprepared for the phenomenal response. Hundreds of women wrote about reinvention after heartbreak, job loss, bankruptcy, and other life-changing seismic shifts. Thanks to this tremendous outpouring, we're thrilled to present our first installment of the Breakover series here.

"Breakover: Alice Manning," traces the remarkable journey of a Santa Monica, California-based actress and mother of four who faced the unthinkable and changed course in the darkest period of her life. We're hoping it will move you as much as it moved us, and perhaps inspire you to begin a breakover of your own.

Want to see your story of amazing personal reinvention featured in a future Breakover video? Please keep sending us your stories breakover@huffingtonpost.com. Here's the scoop:

  • Write an email telling your Breakover story in under 500 words
  • Include your name, age and where you live
  • Send the email to us at breakover@huffingtonpost.com
If we're interested in featuring your story, we'll be in touch. Hope to hear from you soon!