Pink Pumpkins Planted For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sweet! Farmers Plant Pink Pumpkins For Breast Cancer Awareness

Sure, October is typically the time when pumpkins get carved into creepy-looking creatures. But some farmers are taking back their bulbous fall fruit to give them a bright makeover in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In the 20-plus years since Susan G. Komen for the Cure started incorporating pink into its awareness campaigns, this is the first time that the girly advocacy color will be making its way to farmers’ fields. In its inaugural year, the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation has commissioned farmers across the country to grow feminine-hued pumpkins and donate 25 cents from each sale to organizations involved in breast cancer research.

One such farmer is Bert Bouwman who hopes to produce 30,000 pink pumpkins, according to the

“In the spring when I ordered the seed it was a leap of faith, hoping I can raise that many and sell that many, so we'll see," he told the news outlet.

Bouwman’s not alone in his quest to brighten up the fall fruit for a cause. Another three farmers in Minneapolis, and 50 nationwide, have bought the seeds, dubbed “porcelain doll,” to make their crops blush, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

While this initiative has a very deliberate goal, the seed was actually discovered by accident. A Colorado farmer spotted the light pink hue several years ago and spent five years cultivating it, Bouwman told

"This was a combination of a new product, a new opportunity,” Bouwman told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “and most important, a way to support a cause that affects nearly every family."

Click through the slideshow below to see even more photos of the pink pumpkins.


Pink Pumpkins For A Cause

Pink Pumpkins Raise Funds For Breast Cancer Research

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