Fox News Anchor Brian Kilmeade Shames Beyoncé, Calls Her 'More Vile Than Ever'

Kilmeade said Beyoncé's new album contained "X-rated" lyrics and shamed her for "dancing around" while "barely dressed."

Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade called Beyoncé “more vile than ever” during a conversation Tuesday with fellow Fox contributor Raymond Arroyo while discussing the singer’s looks and lyrics after her “Renaissance” surprise album release over the weekend.

“I mean, she’s a parent,” said Kilmeade. “You would think we haven’t really seen her in a while, barely dressed, dancing around. And now she comes back more vile than ever, putting out X-rated lyrics. Plus, what about the dimpled ass community?”

Kilmeade’s latter statement referred to lyrics from “Heated” in which Beyoncé revealed she had dimples on her hips. The singer was recently criticized for using the ableist term “spaz” on the song but told Insider in a statement Monday she would alter it and remove the word.

The Fox News anchor thus criticized Beyoncé’s physical appearance while lambasting her for learning from those with disabilities in a confounding display of bad faith that suggested she now needed to apologize to people with dimples on their bodies.

“What about them?” Kilmeade said. “Are they insulted by being used in her songs? Have you thought about that?”

Arroyo confirmed he indeed gave the matter some thought and said Beyoncé might also want to apologize to people with “stretch mark breasts” and refused to repeat the use of the word “tits” Beyoncé used in the song, according to Rolling Stone.

Arroyo added that the song was written by Drake but asked “why you would sing them as a renowned woman who young people look to.”

The moral panic from the same network that supported Donald Trump after countless allegations of sexism, racism and the actual mockery of a disabled journalist concluded when Kilmeade condescendingly joked that the song’s “great poetry” will “go down in history.”

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