Here's A Deleted 'Broad City' Scene You've Never Seen Before

A summery Season 3 deleted scene to get you through this cold winter.

If you live in New York city ― like the two best friends who star in “Broad City” ― you’re probably not too happy about the weather. Dirty slush is piling up on the streets, just waiting to get splashed onto your clothes. The air is so cold that your hands don’t just hurt, they feel like they might even fall off.

It’s time to transport, at least mentally, to a warmer space.

Thankfully, “Broad City” Season 3 just debuted on DVD, and HuffPost is releasing a deleted scene that features your heroes ― Abbi and Ilana ― cruising around in an open-air jeep and enjoying much more beautiful weather than we have now.

The deleted scene comes from “Philadelphia,” that episode when Abbi and Ilana visit the former’s hometown of Wayne, Pennsylvania.

In the clip, Ilana gets freaked out while riding in Abbi’s custom, doorless jeep, and Abbi admits to a grand alcohol heist from her past.



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