Bros Doing Yoga AKA 'Broga' Will Probably Be An Actual Thing One Day

In the same vein as "The Dad Bod."

Listen, bros gotta party, right? That's one of the requirements to be a bro -- party your face off. But all those empty beer calories aren't helping your physique, so it's important to balance your wild side with some kind of exercise, like yoga for instance. No regular yoga will do though. You need a yoga program with your average bro in mind.

Perhaps ... BROGA??

San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein wanted to capture the beautiful form that is Broga, highlighting moves and poses familiar to any legit bro. If it isn't a thing already, you can bet it will be someday. The world's just that scary.

Beer Pong Lunge


Chest Bump Moon


Shitfaceasana or Corpse Pose

Check out Rothstein's site for more Broga poses and other projects she's working on.