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Summer is officially over, y'all. You did it! No matter their age, something happens to children in the summer. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE summer, but there are days that are, just, no. Perhaps it's the combination of heat + snack overload that turns them into to crazed gremlins?
Here are a few close up "mugshots" of some of the friends we made along the way.
We bring these tiny humans into the world who look up to us, who think we run the world and control all that's in it. Little do they know that behind the all-boo-boo-healer, every-worry-comforter, and any-query-responder façade is a mildly crazy person whose brain runs in overdrive and whose emotions waver between guilt, worry, and sheer confusion at times.
Tablet sales are down and have been steadily declining for the last few years. While this has implications for tech companies and investors, it also has a solid benefit for travelers: fewer tourists using their tablets as cameras.
I try to support all of his clothing style choices. Why do you ask? It makes him feel empowered. That is part of my job as a parent to empower my son, right? We see it all over the media to empower girls, why not empower boys as well?
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I swore I'd never get one. I planned a life without an Elf. Even if tiny humans were to become a part of my world, it would be tough cookies for the kids, because their Elf would still be secretly hidden (and never coming out to spy on them). I was completely down with this plan. Until I wasn't.
If the name Jihong Yeom is recognizable to you, you've probably seen his viral mind-blowing creations on social media. He was the genius behind the different forms and items made out of wire hangers. I was fortunate to interview him and have this opportunity to learn how it all started.
One Instagram account is taking a stand for ugly fruits and vegetables.
Pandas don't have enough sex! And it is a big problem. Panda keepers, zoologists and scientists ask them very nicely, but pandas can't even be bothered!
A fun and humorous way of showing what lies beneath some iconic pop culture characters.
With so many interviews, press conferences, tweets, Instagrams and Facebooks, it's hard to keep track of where presidential candidate Donald Trump stands on the issues. And even if you could keep track, a lot of what he says doesn't quite make sense.
In school, people are generally placed into cliques whether by choice or by accident. This series represents some of them.
Yep, these lil' protective coverings for your thumbs remind others not to text behind the wheel. Here's how 11 members got super creative while keeping their friends super safe.
Having a bad memory has a lot of advantages. You never lie, because, what's the point? You're great at networking because you can easily have the same conversation over and over again. You Google like a ninja.
Black bears fall into food comas just like the rest of us. On Saturday, a Florida resident found a large black bear snoring out on her lawn. Turns out the animal discovered a 20-pound bag of dog food in a neighbor's garage, dragged it out to the front yard and devoured it in one sitting reports WFTV.
It's the day after that you might remember the most. We all look forward to having a great time on the 4th of July. But what
Hillary Clinton just launched her own Pinterest page recently, and as of this writing has just 829 followers -- just a bit