Brooke Shields Without Makeup: The Actress Steps Out Bare-Faced (PHOTO)

...and she still looks gorgeous.

Stars without makeup is about as rare of a sighting as celebrities on the subway (ahem, Jay Z). Well, except for that time when Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford went bare-faced. Oh, and that time Kate Moss did it.

Ok, so maybe celebrities are human too. The latest one to go au naturale for all to see? Brooke Shields. The 47-year-old stepped out in New York on Sunday after starring in a matinee performance of "The Exonerated." Guess she didn't want all of that stage makeup to clog her pores...

Fortunately for the former face of Calvin Klein, she doesn't seem to need any makeup to look stunning (and we're honestly thrilled to see her gorgeous complexion again after that spray tan disaster last month). Plus, we suspect she might have been looking to stay under the radar after an alleged photo of her smoking marijuana surfaced last week. So, by comparison, a photo sans makeup is really no biggie, right?

Check out the photo of Brooke Shields without makeup and tell us what you think. Doesn't she still look amazing?


brooke shields without makeup

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