Brooklyn Law School Offers Partial Refund If Grads Don't Get Jobs

Brooklyn Law School is offering a 15 percent tuition refund to graduates who aren't able to find jobs of their choice within nine months of getting their legal degree.

The New York school announced the program, called Bridge to Success, on Monday, and said it will begin with the entering class of 2015.

"Some students need more time and support than others to find that all-important first job to start a worthwhile career," Nicholas W. Allard, president and dean of Brooklyn Law School, said in a news release. "Bridge to Success is designed to ease the pressure for some students to settle for any job to pay for living expenses and pay off loans."

Students will need to work with the school's career services and plan to take the bar exam to qualify for the program, according to CNN Money. The school was able to offer the refund, in part, because of its strong $133 million endowment, the New York Times reports. BLS also said in its announcement that it boasts a 90 percent job placement rate. 

The maximum cost of tuition at Brooklyn Law School is $130,000, though the cost depends on scholarships and grants awarded to students, CNN Money noted. The maximum a student could receive, which would come in a lump sum, is around $19,000. Last year, the school cut its tuition to $43,000, bringing down the sticker price by 15 percent.