Cow Escapes From Jamaica, Queens Slaughterhouse, Runs Down Liberty Avenue (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse In Queens

A bull or a steer broke free from a slaughterhouse in Queens yesterday, running down Liberty Avenue in Jamaica and causing quite a spectacle.

Some boys from laughed while filming the escaped bovine run for its life before eventually being apprehended on the York College campus of the City University of New York.

According to Fox News, the cow tried to run into one of the buildings at the health and physical education complex the but ended up hitting some construction scaffolding that was set up around the buildings.

Two men, one still in slaughterhouse garb, managed to subdue the beast, wrestling it to the ground.

Apparently, it's not uncommon in this Queens 'hood for farm animals to run the streets. "We've seen a few chickens roaming around, but no cow," a man who identified himself as Moe told NBC News.

But this isn't the first time a Queens bull has stampeded away from slaughter.

In 2008, a bull keeled over after a 14 hour chase. But perhaps most dramatic was this 1999 Long Island City incident, when police had to shoot an escaped bull dead.

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