This Business Card Plays 'Tetris,' And Now Networking Will Never Be The Same

Game Over. This Business Card Wins.

Oregon programmer Kevin Bates is about to take networking to a whole new level.

His Game Boy-styled business card, called the Arduboy, not only displays your resumé, but it has fully functioning buttons and plays "Tetris." The device even has a replaceable battery that lasts nine hours.

And here you thought you were clever because you remembered to put your Twitter handle on yours. Amateur.

Reminiscent of the "Mario"-inspired resume that achieved viral success, the Arduboy card shows that paper is so out when it comes to selling yourself to future employers.

With a little help from crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Bates wants you to make an Arduboy card of your very own. According to his website, he plans to get a campaign up and running and hopes to sell $30 kits that can run "Tetris" or "Pokémon."

One thing is certain: No one's going to misplace his business card anytime soon.

(h/t Endgaget)

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