Bodyscapes: Photographer Creates Surreal Landscapes Using Contorted Nude Bodies (PHOTOS)

Photographer Carl Warner has a genuine appreciation for the human body. So much so that he's created some rather bizarre -- albeit very surreal -- landscapes that turn torsos and appendages into desert terrains and rolling hills.

vally of women

Warner describes his series, appropriately titled "Bodyscapes," as “an alternative portrait of a human being whose body becomes a landscape of themselves, and plays on the sense of space in which we dwell.” Regardless of whether his end result is more fetish than fine art, we have to admit he's accomplished his goal.

Scroll through Warner’s bodyscapes below, and get lost in his valleys of elbows, knee pits and navels below. Do these strange optical illusions change the way you look at skin? Or do the nude scenes leave you nonplussed?

cut throat valley
Cut Throat Valley

desert of backs
Valley of Backs

sleeping men
Desert of Sleeping Men

elbow point
Elbow Point

fingers cave
Fingers Cave

headless horizon
Headless Horizon

pectoral dunes
Pectoral Dunes

skin knee valley
Skin Knee Valley

shoulder hill valley Shoulder Hill Valley

the sleeper
The Sleeper

twin peaks
Twin Peaks