Caroline Kennedy Hires Joe Lieberman "Fixer" Josh Isay

In her first move after announcing that she would like to be appointed to the New York Senate seat, Caroline Kennedy has hired "major Democratic fixer Josh Isay."

Isay did the honors for Joe Lieberman during his general election race against Ned Lamont, after Lieberman withdrew from the Democratic party and ran as a member of the "Connecticut for Lieberman" party.

Here's one of Isay's ads, where Lieberman tells people about how much he wants to bring the troops home:

Of course, at the time Lieberman was getting hammered in the polls by Lamont, and needed to quickly change his rhetoric or risk a loss in Connecticut where the anti-war sentiment was strong.

The month after he was re-elected to the Senate, Lieberman called for an immediate increase of 15,000-30,000 troops.

Isay's ads were critical in deceiving voters and paving the way for Lieberman's reelection.  Now that it's clear where Lieberman really stands, Daily Kos polling indicates Lamont would overwhelmingly defeat Lieberman.

It's telling that Caroline Kennedy has never wanted to run for office, and never thought to put her case before the public when she decided she wanted this job.  Her first move was to pick up the phone and start working the elites, then hire a political fixer whose specialty is deceiving voters:

"She told me she was interested in the position," Mr. Paterson said at a news conference outside Albany on Monday. He added, "She'd like at some point to sit down and tell me what she thinks her qualifications are."

I think many people who aren't emotionally leaping into the cult of personality would like to know that too, because at this point in time, nobody knows what she stands for.

I guess the public will just have to wait until Isay appropriately "packages" it for our consumption.

Jane Hamsher blogs at

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