9 Things In Life That Cartoons Completely Lied To Us About

It's a wonder that generations of kids didn't grow up feeling completely betrayed by the cartoons they spent hours watching. Cartoons made the world seem like a completely different place, where physics was merely a suggestion, and where anything and everything could be painted!

Now, we're grown up and have realized the cartoon world is nothing like the real world. In the cartoon world ...

1. All guys have tattoos that say "Mom" or wear white boxer shorts with hearts or flowers on them.

2. If you those guys see a beautiful woman, their eyes will pop out of their skull.

3. Or their heart will visibly beat through whatever shirt they're wearing.

4. Spinach is basically a drug. Like cartoon PEDs.

5. Slingshots will be needed regularly to keep people in line or get their attention. Or their butt's attention.

6. Spelling with pipe or cigarette smoke is super easy.

7. Smoking is also super dangerous, but not for the reason you think.

8. If you have a mouse problem, get a cat. If you have a cat problem, get a dog. If you have a dog problem, get an attractive girl dog. That attractive girl dog can be a robot, if you wish.

9. And, finally, if you need to send away for something, like a robot dog, don't worry, the mail is incredibly fast.

GIFs via Youtube/HuffPost Comedy



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