11 Products That Make Cats More Like Humans (SLIDESHOW)

11 Products That Make Cats More Like Humans (SLIDESHOW)

Ancient Egyptians likely worshiped cats, and it seems modern civilizations aren't that different. In fact, we may be taking our love of these furry creatures to the extreme: We're now treating them as humans, if recent pet products are any indication.

What began with cat toilet-training kits has since expanded to a market that includes everything from cat ties to cat headphones. Owners of multiple cats (or those special folks who look after dozens of stray cats) can now differentiate between the animals with an assortment of colorful outfits.

For the first time ever, the overall U.S. pet industry passed $50 billion in 2011. Although veterinary costs make up 65 percent of the spending, services like pet grooming and pet hotels are on the rise, generating billions in revenue. And the number of people buying dogs and cats has risen slightly in recent years, while the popularity of other pets has declined.

According to the American Pet Products Association, nearly 40 percent of households in the United States own at least one cat, with upwards of 86.4 million total cats living in Americans' homes.

For those cat owners looking to give their felines some human flair, check out these anthropomorphic products below:

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Products To Make Cats Like Humans

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