Celibate Brandy: 'Not Okay' Without Boyfriend

The woman who once sang, 'The Boy Is Mine' is not okay without a man to call her own. Grammy-winning R&B star Brandy, most recently of 'Dancing With The Stars,' tells PopEater that she is unhappily single.

"I put myself in the eyeline of love, but I can't quite get it together," she said. "I'm not okay being single because I'm a relationship girl. I love the romance."

Having been linked for a time with producer Robert 'Big Bert' Smith - Brandy gave birth to their daughter Sy'Rai in 2002 - the singer/actress recently revealed that she has not had sex in six years, and is waiting for Mr. Right. She admitted to PopEater that she had a certain type of man in mind.

"He has to be funny because I love to laugh," she said. "Driven, creative, motivated and inspired. He has to be a loving guy, who loves his mom and family. And, of course, easy on the eyes. That always helps."

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