Chamber Of Commerce Tops Health Reform Lobbyist List

Chamber Of Commerce Tops Health Reform Lobbyist List

The National Journal's Under the Influence blog has published a comprehensivelist of the top 25 spenders -- and lobbying groups -- in the movement to reform health care.

The blog has spent the last month profiling the companies and special interest groups with the highest stakes in reform. The list includes information on key players for each group, advertising campaigns and spending figures.

Many of the groups are from the medical, insurance or pharmaceutical industries. Politico reported that the health care industry has spent $264 million lobbying Congress this year -- more than any other sector.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce topped the list, spending $17,426,000 to push for controlling health care costs and tying physician pay to performance.

"We can't insure the uninsured unless we make it affordable to do so," said James Gelfand, senior manager of health policy.

Rounding out the list were groups such as PhRMA, AARP and the AFL-CIO.

Get the rest of the list and the complete profiles, here.

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