This Hilariously Real Video Might Put You Off Charcoal Masks Forever

"Holy crap, I am really regretting this."

They say beauty is pain. In this case, it’s painfully hilarious.

Married duo Tiff and Cari Polzin regularly post videos to make their friends laugh. We’d say their most recent video, in which Tiff is seen attempting to peel off a charcoal mask, achieves that goal tenfold.

Polzin told The Huffington Post she purchased Shill’s Purifying Peel Mask after she “kept seeing the mask advertised” and wanted to try it herself. That intrigue quickly turned to sheer panic when it came time to remove it.

The 15-minute long video is equal parts hard to watch and impossible to look away from. Most notably, her reaction each time another piece is pulled off is too real for anyone who has ever tried a peel off a mask.

Polzin tried a couple of different attempts at removing the mask, going first in small strokes ...

... And later in fast, excruciating rips:

Finally, Cari, who is mostly just heard laughing off-camera, takes matters into her own hands and rips the entire thing off in one shot. “I think Cari is the real star of the video because she turned into a ninja and ripped the mask off my face in chunks,” Tiff said.

An edited version of the video, posted by Viral Thread, is up to 43 million views, something Polzin called “a humbling experience for both of us.”

As for whether or not it was worth the pain, Polzin said “it hurt, but it did make my skin smooth,” and that while people have reached out to ask for the rest of the bottle, they “may keep it now.”

We’re not sure the mask, which has been dubbed the “most painful mask ever” by at least one other YouTuber, is worth the result. But we can’t deny that we’re at least a little bit intrigued.

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