Princess Charlene 'A Flat Pancake,' Says Cathy Horyn

Cathy Horyn is just about the most honest person in fashion, which is to say she is most definitely not the nicest. Case in point: a recent remark about the former-Charlene Wittstock.

Commenting on the 2011 International Best-Dressed List composed by Vanity Fair, Horyn applauded the choices of Christine Lagarde and the Duchess of Cambridge.

But as for the inclusion of the newly-crowned Princess of Monaco, the New York Times fashion critic wrote:

"Princess Charlene of Monaco was a stretch. Her style to me is something of a flat pancake, despite (or perhaps because of) the effort she applies."

Ouch. While it may be true that the former Miss Wittstock has a more classic, staid style, Horyn is hitting Princess Charlene where it hurts.

The royal told Vogue in July, "Finding my fashion feet has certainly been the biggest challenge," revealing the very public nature of her fashion choices to be rather anxiety-inducing.

As for Charlene trying too hard? We'd argue the Princess of Monaco tries no harder than the average royal or celeb by working with high-fashion designers for guidance who, for the record, speak highly of her style.

Giorgio Armani, who designed the princess's wedding ceremony and reception dresses, previously told Vogue UK, "Charlene is without a shadow of a doubt very beautiful...Dressing her is such a pleasure -- she knows how to wear my creations with the nonchalance and confidence of youth.

And none other than Karl Lagerfeld has embraced the newlywed, as Charlene explained to Vogue, "Karl took me to his workshop in Paris. He said, 'You are going to be a style icon. You bring a breath of fresh air and modern glamour to Monaco.'"

Not if Horyn has anything to do with it.

At least Charlene is in good company: Penelope Cruz, Lady Gaga and Christina Hendricks are all Cathy Horyn Take-Down Victims.