Christie Brinkley Divorce: Peter Cook Calls Ex Wife A Liar (VIDEO)

WATCH: Peter Cook Calls Christie Brinkley A Liar

Peter Cook is firing back after ex-wife Christie Brinkley's tearful "Today" show appearance Tuesday -- speaking out in a "Today" show interview of his own.

In Brinkley's interview Tuesday, the 58-year-old supermodel told Matt Lauer that she felt compelled to speak out after enduring two weeks of "character assassination" by Cook, tearfully adding, "I just want peace and every time I have any joy he has to try to destroy it."

On Wednesday, Cook, 53, sat down for an interview with the "Today" show's Savannah Guthrie to rebuke his ex wife's claims.

"The entire content of her interview was a lie where she claims that I am harassing and bullying her on a daily basis," he said, "I need you to know that we haven't had a conversation in four a half years and we haven't emailed each other directly in two years, so this perception that I'm harassing and bullying her is nonsense."

Cook called Brinkley out for shedding "crocodile tears," adding that ever since the pair separated, Brinkley has been "on a campaign to smear me. There is no Peter Cook press machine. I have no interest in the press. I'm not a celebrity. You don't hear about Peter Cook until Christie Brinkley dredges something up from the past to make herself relevant in the media again."

Cook also released a statement to the The New York Post Wednesday in which he called his ex wife's "Today" show appearance a "cunning and shameless display."

But in spite of their much-publicized legal battle -- and dueling interviews -- Cook and Brinkley can at least agree on one thing: they both claim to "want peace."

"I want peace for my family," Cook said on "Today." "I want peace for myself. I want to be able to do my job, see my kids and live without the Christie Brinkley shadow over me. That's all I ask."

Brinkley and Cook called off their 12-year marriage in 2008 after Cook admitting to having an affair with an 18-year-old woman. Their split landed back in the spotlight earlier this month when Cook appeared on a number of television shows to counter Brinkley's claims that he owes her child support for their two children and has sent her "inflammatory" emails.

Watch the video above to see Cook's "Today" show interview.

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