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12 Lovely Parenting Quotes From Christina Aguilera

The singer has a son and a daughter.
Christine Aguilera in West Hollywood in April 2016. She has a 10-year-old son, Max, and a 4-year-old daughter, Summer.
Christine Aguilera in West Hollywood in April 2016. She has a 10-year-old son, Max, and a 4-year-old daughter, Summer.

Christina Aguilera is familiar with the highs and lows of parenthood.

The singer has a 10-year-old son named Max and a 4-year-old daughter named Summer. Since becoming a mom, Aguilera has opened up about her parenting experiences ― from raising siblings to balancing her home life with her career as an entertainer.

In honor of her birthday, Dec. 18, here are 12 quotes about motherhood from her.

On The Pressure Mothers Face

“Mothers are constantly expected to be the nurturers, the givers, the providers of a comfortable home. We’re expected to be pregnant, have the kids, breastfeed once we have the babies. And we’re expected to look amazing after baby, right? Keep our husbands and boyfriends interested ― because we’re supposed to get back to sexy and keep things exciting in the bedroom. There’s such a long list. Having children is the ultimate joy, and I love my kids, but women have to find time to nurture themselves. If someone has a baby, the first thing I’m like is, ‘Okay, are you taking care of you?’”

On Mom Guilt

“It’s hard to know you won’t have all the right answers at the right times. And, mom guilt is the worst thing ever. But, you have to surrender and let go, knowing you’re doing your very best and no one loves them, or wants what’s best for them, more than you.”

On Self-Care

“As much as we all love our kids, ultimately we all have ourselves that are separate, and it’s important to have a release just for yourself. We literally give so much of ourselves, it’s important to make time some to be able to find a creative release or pampering release.”

On The Joy Of Motherhood

“They both are the joy of my life. I swear if I hadn’t called her Summer I would’ve called her Joy because she just lights up a room and she illuminates brightness and happiness.”

Aguilera with her family at the premiere of "The Emoji Movie" in Los Angeles, July 23, 2017.
Aguilera with her family at the premiere of "The Emoji Movie" in Los Angeles, July 23, 2017.

On Aging

“Some people are afraid of change and [feel] that getting older is a bad thing, but I really love maturing and gaining wisdom. And the experience of being pregnant and having a child and seeing what a woman’s body can do is amazing.”

On Domestic Violence

“I made a decision very young that I would never put myself in a situation where I would feel helpless to a man and that I would be able to make money for myself and my future children so they wouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of abuse. Now, I’m a mother ... and it’s very important to me to provide them with an environment to feel safe and loved. I want to give my children the gift of loving music without having to use it as an escape, like I had to.”

On Taking Time For Yourself

We all have breaking points and it’s hard sometimes to find patience and to find the energy when we’re exhausted. It’s a really hard juggling act for working mothers and mothers who stay home. While yoga is not right for everyone, find a specific philosophy or type of release that speaks to you. Finding your own specific outlet is extremely important as a human, but especially as women because our whole force of being is to give life.”

Aguilera with Max in 2010 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
Aguilera with Max in 2010 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

On Balancing Her Identities

“The best thing is seeing my children’s smiles [every day] — knowing that they are happy makes me happy. We love to just get to lay in bed, cozy under the blankets and watch classic Disney movies. There are two sides to me, which I like to keep very separate. There is a performing Christina, and then there me as a mom. [It’s] important for me to wear these different hats so I don’t bring work home with me.”

On Her Hopes For Her Daughter

“I want her to know that she always has a voice, that she should never be afraid to speak her mind and that her opinion is valid. And I want her to know and feel more than anything that love surrounds her.”

On Learning From Her Kids

“My children constantly inspire me. And I love being at home and cuddling with them in my sweatpants. I learn so much from them, and every day is a new and fun adventure. I couldn’t be more lucky to have Max and Summer, they are the lights of my life.”

On Touring As A Mom

“Touring is so frightening to me, because I am a mom first. It’s part of why I stayed in the position I was [at ‘The Voice’]. It’s easy to get comfortable and cushy in the same place and not have to worry about uprooting your kids. I’ve been putting myself on the back burner ... I’m looking forward to getting back out and actually showing my kids what Mommy really does!”

On What Matters Most

It’s the little things that are so amazing as a mom and just make me so happy and proud to be the mother of two beautiful, amazing, incredibly talented, lovely children. I’m so happy.”