College Students Gift 9-Year-Old With 'Frozen'-Inspired Prosthetic Hand

The students used a 3D printer to make the icy blue device.

Thanks to new technology and a group of Siena College students, 9-year-old Karissa Mitchell has a new prosthetic hand, designed with her favorite Disney movie in mind.

Mitchell, who was born without a right hand, will now be able to perform everyday tasks more easily with her “Frozen”-themed 3D-printed prosthetic. She recieved the device in June from the Siena College chapter of E-NABLE, a grassroots organization that makes free 3D-printed hands and arms for people who need an upper limb assistive device. 

“It will be for simple use cases, things everyone can take for granted, so picking up a ball and giving it to her dominant hand to throw,” Alyx Gleason, a student at Siena College and member of E-NABLE Siena, said.

Mitchell expressed her excitement about her new hand, including its “Frozen”-inspired design. “It feels like I have a real hand, but it’s cool because of the light,” she said. 

Mitchell’s family was equally ecstatic about her life-changing new prosthetic hand. Karissa’s father Michael Mitchell shared the moment his daughter first used her new prosthetic. “She picked up an orange and her facial expression was just priceless,” he said.

In the video above, watch more of Karissa’s story.



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