Connie Stevens, Elvis' Ex-Girlfriend: He Was 'A Little Insecure' (VIDEO)

Elvis Presley performed in front of millions of people over the course of his career, but according to one ex-girlfriend, he was actually afraid of crowds.

"He was a little insecure," Connie Stevens, who starred on ABC's TV show "Hawaiian Eye" from 1959-63, told HuffPost Live Wednesday.

Stevens said her relationship with the music legend began toward the beginning of his career and Elvis was "a delicious guy," but that he preferred to avoid being around others.

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"He didn't want to go out," Stevens told HuffPost Live host Jacob Soboroff. "We'd go to the movies, and I would see the middle of the movie. I wouldn't see the front and I wouldn't see the end. We had to sneak around."

Stevens also recounted a time when the two ran out of gas and had to push their vehicle down the road.