A Conversation About Sleep And Travel

"This is truly a moment when there is a perfect storm."

On the eve of the launch of United’s new business class experience, United Polaris, Arianna Huffington and United President and CEO Oscar Munoz sat down to discuss how can we achieve our best rest at 30,000 feet, and the critical role recharging plays in our daily lives. 

Check out the video above for their insights, as well as a few surprising tips from brain health expert Dr. Ali Rezai on the top ways to maximize sleep on your next flight. (Hint: Tiring yourself out before boarding might actually make it harder to catch those z’s!)

United Polaris is United Airlines’ all-new business class service, featuring a reimagined, built-from-scratch experience that prioritizes sleep and rest with the goal of making weary business travel a relic of the past.