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Eerie, 1970s Sesame Street Clip Starring 'Crack' Monster Resurfaces Online

If your childhood self watched Sesame Street in 1975, you may have a vague yet haunting memory of a character known as Master Crack, who emerged through your bedroom ceiling and transported you to an alternate crack world. You are not alone.

On December 31, 1975 this short animated segment followed a young woman as she interacted with the various shapes and creatures formed by the cracks on her walls. The "crack creatures," as they are known, are spindly, skinny and all around spooky -- a sure nightmare for any child worried about the potential of monsters under the bed.

For a while the clip circulated only as folklore, as grown internet users who were traumatized by the cartoon in their youth banded together to reminisce about the mysterious "crack creatures" and their frightening "Crack Master." The short was rumored to be the work of animator Cosmo Anzilotti, though he reportedly has no memory of ever creating it.

In fact, the buzz around the elusive "Cracks" segment was so intense, a man named Jon Armond created an audio documentary recounting his experience searching for and eventually finding the clip. The piece has since been making the internet rounds, winding up on Laughing Squid where we stumbled upon it.

We have to admit, those "crack creatures" sure are creepy.

Say crack again. Crack.

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