7 Creative Wall Ideas You Haven't Thought Of Trying (But Totally Should)

These Creative Fix Ups Will Have You Wishing You Had A Blank Wall In Your Home

You've got enough on your plate trying to prepare your home for fall. But this one is easy -- we promise. Banishing a blank wall is one of the simplest updates you can do, pretty much any time of the year, and we've got five ideas to prove it:

1. Create your own faux wallpaper.

wall fix up 1
Picking out wallpaper isn't the most enthralling activity in the world, and most times you have to compromise with a print you're not totally in love with. As an alternative, grab some painter's tape and create your own graphic pattern that you can paint over or change at any time.

2. Use a metallic finish.

metallic finish
Sure, everyone knows about flat, eggshell, and glossy finishes, but paint has seriously evolved. If you're going to go through the painting process anyway, make it special with something that shines once it's dry.

3. Add "moulding."

wall fix up 3
Put down the power tools -- there's no need for all of that when you've got a can of paint at hand. Paired with a little artistic vision, you can create the look of moulding (or a headboard) with just a few strokes of a paint brush.

4. Go for a faux texture.

wall fix up 4
Of course everyone loves the look of exposed brick, but not everyone has the luxury of living in a gorgeous pre-war studio in Manhattan's West Village. Luckily, it is one of those finishes that can be bought in easily-assembled panels and installed similarly to tile, without having to move.

5. Try a grasscloth wall covering.

wall fix up 5
Made from dried grasses woven together, grasscloth works in modern and traditional homes alike to give walls the texture they may be lacking. They also help cover imperfections and allow you to add color without having to even think about picking up a paintbrush.

6. Panel it.

wall fix up 6
Most people shy away from paneling in fear of it looking dated. But the key to keeping it looking modern is paint. Try going with a white or dark finish, and then play with the direction of your panels, arranging them in a non-vertical formation for a thoroughly modern vibe.

7. Employ a faux technique.

wall fix up 7
Try this to give your walls a convincingly denim, canvas or even leather appearance. The latter look is achieved by painting a standard coat and then working the brush in a specific manner during a secondary glaze coat.

And for more creative ways to fix up your home, visit our friends at Domino.

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