Inside The Crystal River Tree House, Built By Green Line Architects And David Rasmussen (PHOTOS)

Just how deep is this rabbit hole, and is 'deep' even the correct word? The thing is hoisted among the trees, after all.

While Carbondale's Crystal River Tree House looks like a creation straight from the mind of Tim Burton, Carbondale's Green Line Architects assures us credit for the reclaimed-wood structure goes to the firm's resident "tree house expert" David Rasmussen.

The 230 square-foot structure isn't supported by any trees on the property (none were structurally sound enough), so the firm created "tree-like supporting posts" that rest on helical pier foundations carefully designed to mesh with the surrounding trees' root structures.

All framing materials for the house are reclaimed timber, including the sheathing and siding which are locally-sourced white pine and cedar.

No one resides in the treehouse year-round, though all the walls are insulated and it does sport a wood stove to keep the space cozy.

"The inspiration for the house was simple," said Green Line's Steve Novy to The Huffington Post. "It is a children's play structure that can be used by anyone.. It is a remote, quiet and meditative space for the adults when the kids aren't climbing around it."

PHOTOS of the Crystal River Tree House, via Brent Moss Photography:

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Crystal River Tree House