DADT Repeal Activist Lt. Dan Choi Recalled To Active Duty [CORRECTION]

DADT Repeal Activist Lt. Dan Choi Recalled To Active Duty [CORRECTION]

CORRECTION: Seems I got a bit ahead of the field here. Allow Richard Allen Smith, over at VetVoice, to explain:

Reports began circulating earlier today that 1LT Dan Choi, the founder of Knights Out, West Point Graduate, Infantry platoon leader, Iraq War Veteran and Arabic linguist who had been processed for discharge under "don't ask, don't tell", had been "ordered back to active duty". The reports were based on this post, which never stated Choi was ordered back to "active duty", and were greatly exaggerated by well-meaning individuals without an understanding of the minutia involved in military personnel issues.

1LT Choi has NOT been ordered back to active duty. It would be difficult to order him "back" to active duty, being that he serves in the New York National Guard, not on active duty, unless he had been mobilized. What has happened is that, with the support of his command, 1LT Choi drilled with his National Guard unit this past weekend for training on critical infantry tasks with his Soldiers.

Richard's got more, here, so check it out. Much thanks to Brandon Friedman for setting me straight on this. Looks like only a half-step, in the right direction.


In a sign that momentum behind a repeal of the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy is having an impact, openly gay U.S. Army National Guard Lieutenant Dan Choi has been recalled to active duty.

Choi, a West Point graduate and trained Arabic linguist, was dismissed from duty in the spring of 2009, because of "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Since then, he's been a leading voice for the cessation of the policy. The Advocate has more:

Gay military rights advocate Lt. Dan Choi has been reportedly called back into active duty. Photographer Jeff Sheng, who recently turned his lens on active gay and lesbian service members, confirmed the news in a blog posting on

Over at Bilerico, blogger Jeff Sheng has a photo of Choi, back in training and looking glad to be there. He reports that Choi's return to active duty prevented him from leading a workshop at this past weekend's NGLTF Creating Change conference.

Spencer Ackerman, who has been following this story for The Washington Independent, offers this in the way of analysis: "That's a strong sign that even ahead of a full repeal of the so-called gay ban, proceeding at a deliberate, year-long pace advocated by the Pentagon's top leadership, relaxed enforcement of the policy is already in place."

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