‘One Last Chance To Save This Country’: Powerful New Video Shows What’s At Stake

New video from Eleven Films shows what's on the line in November's election.

A new video going viral on social media shows what’s on the line in this year’s presidential race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“This November, America has one last chance to save this country,” the text on the screen reads.

The footage contrasts Trump’s words to current events, including the administration’s flawed response to the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, and includes comments from fed-up voters along with the hashtag #VoteForOurLives.

Made by Eleven Films, an Oregon-based media company, the video says it is paid for by “the resistance” and is set to a song called “The Dangerous Ones” by Kasey Anderson.

Federal Election Commission databases show that Eleven Films has gotten funding from Democratic super PACs, including one expenditure last year from the Biden-aligned Unite the Country.

See the video below:

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