Danny Aiello: Madonna's 'Papa Don't Preach' Video Was 'Crap'

Danny Aiello had never heard of Madonna before he was asked to play her father in the songstress's "Papa Don't Preach" video. So why did he do it? He was persuaded to be part of the mid-80s project by his daughter, who now can't stand the diva.

"You know, that came about in a very strange way," Danny explains. "I had no idea who [Madonna] was, so I said to [daughter] Stacey in passing, 'They want me to do this music video with this girl named Madonna.'She said, 'Dad, Dad, you have to.' I went back and said I'll do it if my daughter is permitted on the set taking pictures with Madonna. ... Madonna sort of backed up and told her representative that I don't do that. My daughter has hated her ever since. ... I'm a movie actor doing this piece of crap!"

Now Danny is making music himself -- jazz, but not of the traditional variety. He says he's an actor who interprets lyrics rather than calling himself a singer.

"[My album] was dedicated to my son. Unfortunately, I lost [him] a year ago in May. He was a very special young man," Danny tells me. "It was pancreatic cancer. I have elected to do PSAs [public service announcements], and they have been so sensational. ... It's just devastating."

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