Darren Pearson, AKA Darius Twin, On LA As Creative Magnet: MY LA (PHOTOS)

For true believers, Los Angeles has always been a city filled with magical creatures and hidden spirits, and no artist captures this more faithfully than Darren Pearson -- otherwise known as the artist Darius Twin.

Using a photography technique called light painting, the 28-year-old Eagle Rock resident finds ghosts, dinosaurs and little green men where most only see a building or a bridge.

For his collection, "City of Angels," Pearson used light painting to scrawl ethereal, winged giantesses hovering over our metropolis. In the photo "Candelabra," an angel dances at the steps of LACMA's "Urban Lights" installation. For the photo "Grace," an angel skates on a freeway overpass.

In his "Light Fossils" collection, the effect is used to scribble a dinosaur skeleton frolicking at city landmarks. A sabre-toothed tiger lies in wait above Downtown LA; a Plesiosaur frolics on the beach by the Santa Monica pier.

Besides selling the photos on his site, (as prints and t-shirts), Pearson has had an opportunity to prove himself in the mainstream commercial world. By day, he designs graphic t-shirts for True Religion, and when we last spoke, he had just finished up a commercial shoot with tire company BF Goodrich. Pearson is also working on an iBook on his art that should be available by early next year.

This Friday, see his work amid screen-printing stations and DJ sets at the Family Room Gallery. The event is free, but bring cash in case a t-shirt or print catches your eye. The 21-and-over event will include a photo booth, a wheat-pasting wall and a hosted bar.

Family Industries & Bagavabonds
1700 N. Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Check out our interview with Darren Pearson in the slideshow below.
All photos by Darren Pearson.

Darren Pearson Interview (2012)