Dave Goldberg, Sheryl Sandberg's Husband, Talks About Their Marriage (VIDEO)

Sheryl Sandberg has said that the most important choice any woman makes is who she marries. It should be a man who does his share, she says, adding that her husband is exactly the kind of partner a wildly successful woman needs.

Thursday, Business Insider got her husband’s take on their marriage. In a video on their website, Dave Goldberg, who is CEO of SurveyMonkey, describes the couple’s downtime as “a lot of time hanging out with our kids.” He also plays poker to unwind.

Weekends are for family, he says. “I save everything up until Sunday night,” he explains, “because if I start sending emails on Saturday afternoon, then people have to start responding to me on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.” Of course, there are exceptions. “Unless it’s urgent...” he says.

There’s more talk about domestic scheduling -- everything from dating long distance to planning the family calendar to why it was a relief that his round of financing for Survey Monkey didn't overlap with her preparing for Facebook’s IPO.

He agrees with Sandberg that theirs is a partnership and that she is not the only one who benefits. “My closest adviser is my wife,” he says. “It’s nice to have one of the smartest people in business as your life partner, and someone you have dinner with and breakfast with.”

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