This 'Big, Gay, Sexy Bear' Opens Up About How He Learned To Love His Body

"I’m at the point in my life where this is who I am and I’m very comfortable with that."

The queer community isn’t always the most welcoming place for individuals who don’t fit the images of what many people ― and the media, hookup apps and fashion ― think gay men should look and act like.

In an effort to highlight those who are proudly living their lives on their own terms, YouTube fave Davey Wavey has launched a series titled #ThisIsMe.

The second episode in the series features Scott, a proud bear, who opens up about his relationship with his body.

“I’ve always been a big guy,” Scott told Wavey. “When I was a kid, I was the fat kid. When I was in college I was heavy. But I’m at the point in my life where this is who I am and I’m very comfortable with that. And so when I think about my body now, I recognize the places that I think are attractive.”

Scott, who lives in Palm Springs, California, with his husband, Brad, discussed the parts of his body that he loves ― he thinks he has “great nipples” and recently won a poolside “Mr. Butt” contest ― as well as the first time he really began to embrace his body after attending a bear event.

“It took me a while to accept that [men were interested in me] because I don’t think I was quite ready for that and the level of attention I was getting,” he said.

Watch the full interview above.

“In a world where many of us get our messages around body image from Instagram’s explorer page, Scott’s perspective on celebrating his body is a welcome and powerful change,” Wavey told HuffPost.

We couldn’t agree more.

See the first episode in the #ThisIsMe series, which features Ryan Haddad, a gay man with cerebral palsy that Wavey dubbed “sexy AF.” For more from Davey Wavey, check out his YouTube channel.

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