Detroit Bankruptcy Infographic Breaks Down $18 Billion Debt, Key Facts About City's Decline

Understand Detroit's Crisis In 1 Chart

When Detroit filed for bankruptcy on Thursday, the reactions came fast and furious.

But there's no longer any dispute that the Motor City is on the brink of ruin, and as Detroit battles its way through bankruptcy court, the estimate of what it actually owes its creditors keeps rising, to more than $18 billion.

Not only has Detroit failed to keep its promises to creditors, but its residents have borne the brunt of the city's fiscal crisis, and been forced to accustom themselves to sub-standard services. In Detroit, business as usual means buses that take forever to show up, street lights that won't turn on, garbage that doesn't get picked up, ambulances that break down, police that never arrive, crimes that go unsolved.

Take a look at this breakdown of what Detroit owes its creditors, plus more crucial facts you'll need to understand the situation in Motown. And follow along with the latest Detroit bankruptcy news here.

Infographic by Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post. Additional reporting by Kate Abbey-Lambertz and Ashley Woods.

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The Ruins Of Detroit

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