Diane Arbus: A Rare Portrait Of The Photographer (PHOTO)

Nicole Kidman Played This Artist On The Big Screen

Diane Arbus was an American photographer who worked throughout much of the 1960’s photographing those living on the margins of society. Her photos were often portraits of so-called "freaks" and "grotesques" with an emphasis on deviants and anything abnormal. Although Arbus was one of the greatest artists of her time -- her career was so prolific Nicole Kidman played her in the movie "Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus" -- her life was cut short when she committed suicide in 1971.

Today (on Mar.14), Arbus would have turned 90. In celebration of her birthday we are taking a look back at a rare portrait of the photographer. Here, she is pictured with her twin-lens reflex camera in New York City, only a few years before her death. The shutterbug was always seen in plain attire, trying to blend into the background, but one thing she was noted for, was her signature pixie 'do -- it looks like Mia Farrow didn't start the trend after all.

diane arbus photo

Getty Images/Roz Kelly/Contributor

See some of Diane Arbus' photos below:

Diane Arbus

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