5 Foods You Can Cook in Your Dishwasher ... if You Dare

Hold up. You can cook food in your dishwasher?!
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open dishwasher with clean dishessimilar images:
open dishwasher with clean dishessimilar images:

Written by Julie Ryan Evans on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

When it comes to cooking in today's world, there are options galore. From microwaves to convection ovens, slow cookers to toaster ovens, we have a plethora of appliances to easily prepare the foods we eat and serve our families. There's one appliance that often gets overlooked, however, when it comes to food preparation -- your dishwasher.

Yes, that machine that's generally used only to clean can actually be used to cook too. It sounds crazy, but it's true. Most dishwashers provide plenty of heat to fully cook a wide array of foods. Why would you do this when you have all those other appliances, you may ask? The simple answer: Because you can. It's fun, will fascinate people, and talk about easy cleanup. Here are five fantastic foods you can make in your dishwasher.

Bagels, which require a warm, humid environment, are a perfect food to make in dishwashers. Here's a great how-to from a bagel professional.

Chicken, The Stir's own Adriana Velez tried it, and said it was incredible.

Lasagna Florentine, with this recipe for cheesy spinach lasagna, you can wow your friends and family -- especially when you whip it out of your dishwasher.

Poached Salmon, this recipe for dishwasher poached salmon is divine. With onions, carrots, and a lemony wine sauce, it's almost a complete meal in just two cycles.

Potatoes, not only can you clean potatoes in the dishwasher, you can cook them in there too. Add a variety of spices, follow these directions, and do the dishes at the same time.

Have you cooked in your dishwasher? Would you?

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