Diversity Is Like Diet

You like talking about it more than doing it. There's often a disconnect between what we know we should do to lose weight, and what we actually do while trying to diet. But first and foremost, let's save the ideology behind diversity before it becomes a meaningless buzzword, a shield for real thoughts and meaning. It is still not too late. Sounds easy, but easy does not mean simple.

Once upon a time, we were all told that diversity would help us to better understand the world, better achieve our goals, to be better ourselves, and so diversity could simply be the beacon of hope we all have been waiting for.

First we learned how to spell it right, then we quickly learned how to spit it out as a magic word for world peace. We first thought it was diverse enough if we included black actors in movies and assigned lead roles to gay actors, or embraced aging beauty queens on magazine covers.

I soon realized the notion of embracing diversity had become like the endless discussions about global warming and reduction of our environmental footprint, where the public fed its hunger for quick solutions with marketing gimmicks rather than actions. Well, the bad news is when it comes to diversity you can't simply reach out for a recycle pictogram printed on your product or a green logo to stamp as if it were a badge for fair trade, or a bio product indicating goodwill, or simply purchase your carbon footprint as an easy fix.


So what can we do about diversity without the help of flashy marketing badges and materials? Would it mean we actually must do something about it like changing the mix of employees we work with, make our brand appeal to a wider range of consumer groups and make minority communication move from niche to mass? I am guessing the answer is yes. Since the effect of embracing diversity does not happen in the near future in somewhat uncontrolled it happens at the very moment with a very visible change of the profile of your co-workers, the causes you support, and the people you put under the spotlight. In short, there is no easy way out, since you cannot fake diversity.

Anyway, to cut the story short, as a creative strategist myself, having tired of hearing about diversity but seeing very little action about it, I decided to share my thoughts. It made me look around at my workplace, where luckily we do not just embrace, but do something about it.

Everyone should simply believe this, the more the merrier. The more diverse your group is, and the more diverse groups you can appeal to, the more exciting and meaningful the world around you can become. I would not eat the same food everyday just because it is all nutrition. I would go for variety and feel, too. And diverse flavors.

Embracing the difference makes a huge difference. You will soon realize diversity is the taste you have been looking for. Then and only then its your choice whether you will be the one who selects a great variety of taste or be the taste and share your diet with people around you.

Just think about it!