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Crafty Bride Made Her Wedding Dress For $30 During Her Morning Commute

Wedding dresses cost a pretty penny -- unless you do what one bride did and make your own gown for less than the cost of a tank of gas.

Redditor alkikat posted pictures on Monday of the wedding dress she crocheted for herself during her morning bus commute (talk about multi-tasking).

If you think crocheting a dress would result in something only your grandmother would wear, think again. Here's the final result:

According to the bride, the total cost for the dress was $30, which included the cotton thread and fabric for the lining. She even posted a time lapse video of her project -- which took a total of five months -- so you can see how the dress came together.

If there's a DIY-Bride-Of-The-Year award, consider it won.

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