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Do You Want to Have the Ability to Do a Handstand at Age 80?

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That's my goal! When I'm 80 years old my body will be strong enough to hold a handstand. I have worked with clients that are fit enough to do it, so I know it is possible. How do you create a lifestyle that enables you to remain physically active and strong? What is the secret? Start by asking your-self "What is my why?"

My close friend and colleague, Dr. Tommy John always asks his patients one question before beginning services..."What is your why?" for seeking out chiropractic care. This simple and direct question allows you to tap into the emotional reason for action and has the effect of making the impact more powerful. Following are three WHY questions that will help you discover how to remain vibrantly health and strong at age 80, 90 and beyond!

  1. Why do you choose to allocate time to being active? Or perhaps you don't fit in much time for activity, why not? Many people express their desire to stay healthy, reduce stress, or lose weight. Remember, there is not a right or wrong answer, the important thing is to discover your personal motivation. Let's use the example of remaining healthy to demonstrate how this self-discovery works. Next ask yourself why do I want to remain healthy? Perhaps you want to live long enough to see your grandchildren, and when you do, feel well enough to lift them overhead and play on the floor. What does healthy look like to you? Is it a certain body shape, a feeling, an ability? When you are healthy does that mean you are free from injury or aches and pains? Do you have sustained energy throughout your day? Become very clear in your mind about what your desire is for choosing to be physically active.

  • Why do you choose a particular type of activity or exercise to achieve your fitness goal? Do you work out with a trainer, run/bike with friends, attend group fitness classes, or play tennis? Maybe it's a combination of things. Why do you choose these things? Is it because of the enjoyment, scheduling, convenience, companionship, etc.? Do you feel this type of activity is promoting your goal? How do you feel 10 minutes after completing activity? What about 4 hours after...24 hours after? Is there some other type of activity that you think may be more affective? Do you wish to increase muscle strength, endurance, or flexibility? Are you seeing those results? If not what do you think may help you see results? This is the tricky part of the process because we tend to doubt our own ability to know what to do. We don't trust that we are knowledgeable enough to know what workout routine will maximize endurance, strength building, etc. I encourage you to write down what you intuitively feel first. Even though you may not be an expert on physical fitness, you are an expert on yourself. No other person has lived in your body or experienced what you have experienced in your body. You know better than everyone what you feel.
  • Why are you performing the particular action or movement in your workout? The third step in the process of creating a lifestyle to perpetuate health is the key. Once you have identified your long-term desire for being physically active, and discovered what type of activity or exercise feels best, it's time to bring that awareness to your kinesthetic experience. This automatically brings you into the present moment and maximizes the brain to muscle connection in your body. Rather than letting your mind wander to a to-do list while in the middle of a morning run, or think about what your friend told you before the group fitness class started, ask yourself questions about what you are doing and feeling. What muscles are activated? Where do I feel this? Can I push a little harder, drive a little more, stretch even longer? What secondary parts of my body are working? In a bicep curl do I notice my triceps on the extension? What are my feet doing? Can I move a little faster to create more force in the movement?
  • Every time you bring awareness to your body and then dig deeper you are magnifying the effect of the activity on your body. It literally activates larger muscle fiber recruitment, which leads to increased energy expenditure, and bigger impact on your body! All of sudden you are able to create the long-term desire that you discovered in a way that feels good to your body and provides an opportunity for you to live in the present moment. It all starts by asking "What is My Why?"

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