Male Domestic Abuse Victim: My Wife Tried To Stab Me (VIDEO)

"It escalated to a point where the police were called when she tried to stab me, after we had been out and she had done things in a bar with a guy, and [then said] that was my fault," Nutt said. "It took two years before I could really say it wasn't that I didn't love her well enough or I didn't try hard enough. It was a long time before I was able to say, 'yeah I was abused.'"

Part of the problem with admitting that he was abused, Nutt said, was that there is a stigma surrounding male domestic abuse victims.

"It's still one of those things where it's not the easiest thing to say, because you know I'm a guy, and I'm a redneck--I don't look like it in a suit but I am--and it's one of those things where, you know, guys are not abused. And that's a huge stereotype, I think, that needs to be broken down."

Watch the full conversation below: