iO Tillet Wright said he heard Depp make the comment while walking back from the couple's wedding ceremony.
The consequences of the defamation trial seem to have gotten lost in the media circus surrounding it. But it could have a very chilling impact on domestic violence survivors.
British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of luring teenage girls to be sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein.
Experts reveal some of the warning signs of emotional abuse that shouldn't be ignored.
If an abusive partner is controlling your finances, your whereabouts and who you socialize with, they're likely going to control your reproductive choices, too. And S.B. 8 just made it a lot easier for them to do that.
"When we go for a walk in the park, or through neighborhood streets, I’ve sometimes thought, 'What if I leave him here, right now?'"
Simone Biles teared up while talking on Capitol Hill during a hearing on the handling of the FBI investigation into Larry Nassar.
"I couldn’t imagine watching a man assault a woman in the middle of the day in front of everyone and doing nothing."
Even moms and dads with the very best of intentions can slip into these potentially damaging habits.
The socialite previously said her insomnia stemmed from traumatic experiences, including the night she thought she was being kidnapped at 16.