Donald Trump Supporters Severely Lacking in Chill

When news broke of American white nationalist, former Louisiana State Representative (1989-1992) and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Dr. David Duke cast his support behind Republican presidential candidate and incredibly rich moron Donald Trump I sat at my desk unsurprised. Of course a notoriously bigoted presidential candidate from the past would throw their eggs in the basket of the current notoriously bigoted presidential candidate. It just makes sense. Although it's alarming, I thought it was ridiculous enough that it would make excellent fodder for a humorous tweet. So I backed my ears and typed one out. This is what I came up with:

Funny enough right? I'm biased but I'd even go as far to say "Not all Trump Supporters are Racist, but all Racists are Trump Supporters" would make a helluva t-shirt (someone get on that).

Now I was certain that I'd get some feedback, but I had no idea that like some Orwellian movie script, the racists and bigots would immediately prove my point. Some choice replies below:

In this example "Down Goes Brown" chooses to imply that the KKK is not a hate group, but a white "advocacy group". Mmmkay.... Also, I can only imagine what "Down Goes Brown" is implying.

Oh it is? How exactly?

Jesus. I really hit the mother load of ignorance with one simple tweet.

And my personal favorite....

Donald Trump fans everyone!!!

That's just a small example of some of the ridiculous, mis-informed, and hateful reply tweets I received yesterday. A whirlwind of passion and ignorance. I agree that we need change. BIG CHANGE. But not this way. Not with this guy.

So in closing, I want to encourage all of my friends and fans with a little bit of brains to register to vote this year, because I fear that these people already are.