Funny or Die Music Video, 'Snore,' Spoofs 'Downton Abbey' And Madonna

WATCH: 'Downton Abbey' Meets Madonna In Hilarious New Music Video

If you roll your eyes when your friends suggest ANOTHER post-brunch "Downton Abbey" marathon, then you'll probably love the latest Funny or Die music video.

It seems that everyone on both sides of the Atlantic can't get enough of the upstairs downstairs drama featuring the Crowley household, but the video "Snore" calls out how the hit series can sometimes be less than... thrilling.

Set to the tune of Madonna's "Vogue," "Snore" is a gay love letter to the British period piece featuring Drew Droege (of Chloe fame) dressed as Shirley MacLaine, Michelle Visage from "RuPaul's Drag Race," and many other gays and guys in drag as the "Downton" characters (look for a cameo from NPH's fiance, David Burtka).

So even if you have never seen an episode of the show, the next time your friends start talking about Maggie Smith over mimosas you'll at least be able to tolerate it a little more by humming "Snore" in your head.

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