Dr. Drew: Nancy Grace 'Being Ignorant' On Sex Addiction (VIDEO)

Dr. Drew says Nancy Grace is being ignorant about Tiger Woods and sex addiction.

The host of VH1's "Sex Rehab" re-tweeted one of his patients, Kendra Jade Rossi.

Rossi tweeted, "@nancygrace needs to shut the f-up & stop sayin sex addiction isn't real."

Dr. Drew re-tweeted the message, adding, "She's usually grt but she's being ignorant."

Wednesday night, Grace told her guest not to even suggest Woods is a sex addict.

"Please don't tell me that he should come out as a sex addict," Grace said. "Don't even go there, Gordon, because that is so tired. I've heard that from so many celebs that run around on their wives — yes, it's always the man, sorry, gentlemen! But nobody believes that. He can't come out and say he's a sex addict."