Reddit Goes Nuts Over Duck Scarfing Down Peas

This video delivers exactly what it promises.

Some of life’s greatest pleasures are the simplest ― like a video of a duck eating peas really, really fast.

YouTube user Brusty Brab posted this clip of, yes, a duck eating peas really, really fast, and it seems to have found an audience on, where it made the front page on Wednesday.

Without further ado:

Users are commending the no-frills video for delivering exactly what it promises: A duck eating peas really, really fast.

As MuzzyIsMe put it: “Succinct title, video gets right to the action, no wasted time pre or post. A++ will watch again.”

Some Reddit viewers like Iamhim25 also gave credit to the video’s unheralded supporting character: A cat that sees the duck’s rapid-fire munching and moves out of the way quickly.

“The cat’s like...Yeahhh.. i’m just gonna let you do your thing,” the Redditor wrote.

Some folks couldn’t help but kill the mood, like bleakfast who wrote, “thats not that fast i could take that duck on in a pea-eating contest.”

And at least one person, TranQLizer, felt the video ended in a cliffhanger.

“Aw, they cut the video short. Now we’ll never know if the duck ate all the peas or not,” the Redditor wrote.

Enjoy the video playlist below showing other animals devouring foods with gusto.

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