Earplugs For Women Exist (PHOTO)

LOOK: Women Need Special Earplugs, Apparently

Walgreens has thoughtfully created a special set of earplugs just for women... exactly the same as normal earplugs, but bright pink.

earplugs for women

In Walgreens' defense, the company evidently developed these store-brand pink earplugs to compete with a previously existing product called "Sleep Pretty in Pink" which is also sold at Walgreens. The product website promises that "Sleep Pretty in Pink" ear plugs are "Silky Soft, Designed For Women" while offering no evidence that women have an anatomical need for different earplugs or that men don't also enjoy "silk soft" earplugs. It also makes sure we know that "Sleep Pretty in Pink" earplugs are "Assembled By Handicapped Workers" and touts the product as a way to "rediscover the exuberance of healthy, happy, rejuvenating sleep." Did you catch that "rejuvenating"? Because if you are female, the thing you think about first in making any purchase, especially earplugs, is whether it will make you look younger and "Pretty."

And whether it is pink.

Photo credit: Tyler Kingkade

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